Priorities 2015: Ministry in families and for families

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22.07.2012Yu. KulakevichІди, подивись і будь мудрим.
15.07.2012Yu. KulakevichІ сказав я: буду мудрим
12.02.2012Yu. KulakevichНаше милосердя робить нас щасливими...
25.12.2011Yu. KulakevichЯкби Ісус не прийшов...
20.11.2011Yu. KulakevichСлово Боже живе та діяльне
31.07.2011Yu. KulakevichСлужіння в церкві згідно Рим.12.ч.3
24.07.2011Yu. KulakevichСлужіння в церкві згідно Рим.12.ч.2
17.07.2011Yu. KulakevichСлужіння в церкві згідно Рим.12.ч.1
19.06.2011Yu. KulakevichПриорітети та результати Першої Церкви
03.04.2011Yu. KulakevichA holy priesthood. (Ukrainian)
27.03.2011Yu. KulakevichPut on the full armor of God. (Ukrainian)
13.02.2011Yu. KulakevichBe faithful in your finances. (Ukrainian)
02.01.2011Yu. KulakevichTo serve the living God. (Ukrainian)
26.12.2010Yu. KulakevichEffectivity of God's Word. (Ukrainian)
19.12.2010Yu. KulakevichGod's Word nature. (Ukrainian)
12.12.2010Yu. KulakevichBlessed is the man who... (Ukrainian)
05.12.2010Yu. KulakevichWhat hinders me? (Ukrainian)
28.11.2010Yu. KulakevichPray for us. (Ukrainian)
21.11.2010Yu. KulakevichHe gave us the ministry of reconciliation. (Ukrainian)
14.11.2010Yu. KulakevichTouch Me. (Ukrainian)
07.11.2010Yu. KulakevichThrow off everything that hinders. (Ukrainian)
31.10.2010Yu. KulakevichMercy is essential for gospel. (Ukrainian) - VIDEO AVAILABLE!
24.10.2010GrigoriyChristian and the world. - VIDEO AVAILABLE!
17.10.2010Yu. KulakevichSix styles of evangelization. (Ukrainian)
03.10.2010Yu. KulakevichThe highest value. (Ukrainian)
26.09.2010Yu. KulakevichAnd when you pray... (Ukrainian)
19.09.2010Yu. KulakevichPrayer for the Church. (Ukrainian)
27.06.2010Yu. KulakevichI will help you speak! (Ukrainian)
20.06.2010Yu. KulakevichWho attends evangelization? (Ukrainian) - VIDEO AVAILABLE!
13.06.2010Yu. KulakevichPaul and the good news. (Ukrainian)
06.06.2010Yu. KulakevichTruths of Gospel. (Ukrainian) - VIDEO AVAILABLE!
30.05.2010Yu. KulakevichAll Scripture is useful for... (Ukrainian)
23.05.2010Yu. KulakevichWhat is the Pentecost? (Ukrainian)
16.05.2010Yu. KulakevichIs this true? (Ukrainian)
09.05.2010A.KozachokAbout annointment of a christian. (Ukrainian)
02.05.2010Yu. KulakevichAccept each other. (Ukrainian)
18.04.2010Yu. KulakevichIt's time to grow in God's Word. (Ukrainian)
04.04.2010Yu. KulakevichThat we live for Him who was raised again. (Ukrainian)
28.03.2010Yu. KulakevichFast for body and soul. (Ukrainian)
21.03.2010Yu. KulakevichA well in the desert. (Ukrainian)
14.03.2010Yu. KulakevichSpiritual desert - place of new revelation. (Ukrainian)
07.03.2010Sitting in a puddle. (Ukrainian)
28.02.2010Yu. KulakevichPrepare the way for the LORD. (Ukrainian)
21.02.2010br. NikolayTo hear the voice of God. (Russian)
14.02.2010Yu. KulakevichSpiritual desert - place of cleaning. (Ukrainian)
31.01.2010Yu. KulakevichJesus is coming soon! (Ukrainian)
24.01.2010Yu. KulakevichAbout national conciouseness of a christian. (Ukrainian)
10.01.2010Yu. KulakevichDo everything without complaining or arguing. (Ukrainian)
27.12.2009P. KulakevichAbout children. (Russian)
20.12.2009P. KulakevichRelations between husband and wife. (Russian)
13.12.2009Yu. KulakevichBeing a father. (Ukrainian)
06.12.2009Yu. Kulakevichif we judged ourselves... (Ukrainian)
29.11.2009Yu. KulakevichSpiritual desert (Ukrainian).
22.11.2009Yu. KulakevichWhat is my place in the Body of Crhist? (Ukrainian)
01.11.2009Yu. KulakevichSafety in God (Ukrainian).
10.05.2009Yu. KulakevichWe must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ (Ukrainian).
19.04.2009Yu. KulakevichLord's ressurrection (Ukrainian).
12.04.2009Yu. KulakevichAbout God's grace (Ukrainian).
22.02.2009Yu. KulakevichAbout gospel (Ukrainian).
15.02.2009Yu. KulakevichSimeon and Anna (Ukrainian)


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