Priorities 2015: Ministry in families and for families

Ringtones for mobile phone

This page cotains ringtones for mobile phones. Most of the mp3 ringtones are the compressed fonograms part that may be found in our site.

Sing to God! (426 kb)
Why are you sad? (468 kb)
Praise Adonai! (1.52 Mb)
I go... (121 kb)
I'll kneel down... (785 kb)
What a happines!... (224 kb)
John saw a book... (942 kb)
On a hill among trees... (1.19 Mb)
Learn from Jesus... (1.01 Mb)
A fig tree under the mountain... (328 kb)
Rebecca's dream. (459 kb)
You are perfect God! (672 kb)
I believe! (1.19 Mb)
All sinned... (2.37 Mb)


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